Fife pest control are local and reliable fast response service specialising in wasp control / wasp nest removal in Fife and all surrounding areas.

Our wasp nest removal team offer a complete solution to all your wasp problems. We will successfully eradicate all wasps and if required can remove old nests, if accessible.

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To dispose of wasps you do not need to 'remove the nest' but you need to treat the nest and wasps within. This is carried out by using a special powder (only available to professionals) which is injected into and around the entrance to the nest.

The powder will then kill all the wasps in the nest and the ones returning within a couple of hours or so. On our visit our qualified operative will need to know the location of the wasps entrance to the nest to carry out the treatment. You can usually see this where the wasps are most active - under the eaves of the house , near an air grate or in the garden near fence or shed etc.

Please note that we are normally unable to treat wasp nest above two storeys due to health and safety & insurance.

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Latest Pest Control Alert - Watch Out for Wasp Nests!

During April until early June, the queen wasp will leave hibernation and begin building a brand new wasp nest in a new location. The queen wasps will often build the new wasps nest in roof voids wall cavities or in outbuildings. During June July and August they will continue to expand their wasps nest and by September the nest could have thousands of wasps in it.

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Reaper Pest Control have a 24 hour emergency call out service covering the Fife area including Cowdenbeath, Edinburgh, Kinross, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, St Andrews, Cupar, throughout Fife and also the West Lothian area.

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